Wear Organic or Wear Nothing

Wear organic or wear nothing!  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything.  You eat organic whole natural foods that are free of toxic, synthetic, poisonous additives, so it makes sense to only bathe yourself with herbal, clean green, natural plant-based soaps and shampoos that are 100% natural and herbal and contain zero toxic synthetics.  It also makes sense to use only all natural herbal plant-based soap to wash your clothing.  You care about your holistic, herbal, self-care self-love and your family loved ones’ self-care self-love too.  So, that being said, it’s time to be an active dedicated self-care product label reader and empower yourself with freedom and mindful awareness.  I’ve been a passionate, dedicated, holistic, herbalist, crunchy woman for 30 years and a Mama for eight years and I am very thankful I woke up at the young age of 20.  My motto is, if in doubt, do without.   Lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, orange, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense, and clove are organic, natural, herbal plant essences and you recognize and can pronounce them and they are great examples of safe ingredients that are healthy and healing and beneficial.

The Jewish Faith lives by this credo and it is a great motto credo to live by.  If you cannot pronounce an ingredient and it looks scary, like for example, propylene glycol and paraben, then yes, consider it toxic and avoid it like the plague.  There are many wonderful self-care products available that are 100% herbal and safe and nontoxic and they are a pleasure to use and are very efficient, gentle, and healthy.   They will make you feel wonderful.   DoTerra has some wonderful haircare and skincare products that will serve your needs and I highly recommend them.  I love pure organic therapeutic-grade essential oils and I love self-care products that contain wonderful healing essential oils that create wonderful aromatherapy.  I know you will love their wonderful plant based herbal products.   Your body and health will thank you for the loving, caring, self-care self-love you give yourself and your family loved ones will love you for it, too.   Let me know if you need any help ordering.   I’m happy to serve your needs and help you and your family.   Click this link to learn more and order.  ->


Would you love to learn more about holistic medicine and self-care?  Click on this link and download this wonderful free ebook with extensive information about everything you want  to know about alternative medicine and wellness. –> <-

To Your Health Wellness Self-Care Self-Love,

Much Love Blessings Gratitude,


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