Mystical Nature Poem

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


My Magical Nature Walk
©️Dayna Colvin
I’m silently walking through the forest
Enjoying loving the clean clear crisp tepid cool air
feeling cool moist grass and flowers and matte earth dirt under my bare feet
I smile as I hear crickets and birds chirping and singing
I hear seagulls soaring through the beautiful aqua blue sky
And I feel the warmth from the sun’s crystal prism rays
I’m touching vibrant healing old growth emerald trees
I look up to the sky and I see the trees stretch for endless miles
Birds of every species and color are circling around the beautiful emerald tree
Providing healing life and strong shelter
Beautiful butterflies and dragonflies painted by nature with indigo, fuchsia, magenta, emerald, gold, silver gracefully float by me and create a magical dance and colorful sparkly fairy pixie dust dances with us
I love this beautiful magical healing sacred place . I’m dancing and doing yoga and tai chi and playing with my nature friends.




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