As all my beloved readers who fall in love with my writing know, I’m a very hard-working writer and I put my entire Soul and heart into every written work I create and my genre is holistic, herbal, green living and I’m very passionate about it.  I have written many beautiful creations, including a delicious, herbal, vegan cookbook, (self-published very soon!) an organic herbal beauty book, an adorable, inspiring, magical, nature lover, fairy children’s book, (1st of 6 in the series!) 2 environmental adventure romance novels, and I have many more wonderful creative writing projects still in the works!  My life as a creative writer is timeless and will be ongoing because it’s my life’s purpose, my life’s work, and it’s healing nourishing food for my heart and Soul and I intend and desire for it to pay the bills and set me free financially as soon as possible and that is where you, my devoted readers, come in.  As many of you know, I’m a disabled stay at home Mama suffering from painful asthma and chemical fragrance sensitivity and I’m a busy full-time caregiver for my special needs autistic son, my little boy.   


Thankfully, I type very fast, 100wpm+ so despite all the interruptions, I am able to write a lot pretty quickly, but it gets stressful quickly and I have to take many breaks for my holistic healing self-care.  I wish I had a holistic vegan Mary Poppins to help support me but alas, it’s just me and my beloved husband, who is very helpful but he has a full plate, too, with his sleep apnea and stress and he’s pursuing his own livelihood.  That being said, your kind pay it forward loving support of my work will go a long way to take some of the pressure and stress off and help me create a lot more, relax and catch my breath, and feed my creative spark.  Every paid monthly pledge of support will help and the larger the pledges, the better!   As my pledge income increases, it will give me the ability to purchase better equipment, tools, and resources that will help me improve as a writer and allow me to be more creative and create a lot more inspiring beautiful work that will touch you and inspire you and bring you joy.  I invite you to please visit my Patreon and see all the various pledge tiers available and the reward gifts I offer with loving gratitude for your generous kindness support.   Please share my Patreon with your friends, clients, associates, and the public.  I appreciate your kind loving generous support.

Much Love Gratitude,

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