Northern Woods Novel




Natasha Enders just graduated from Northbrook University with a degree in Environmental Awareness and Conservation and she is now a professor, teaching environmental awareness and conservation to her students.  Natasha learns the power of honesty, courage, and truth. After another illegal camping trip in the woods with her dearest friends, Harvey Moore and Annie Tera, Natasha learns about the nightmare of excessive logging. After speaking with Leaf Mills, a fellow environmental activist, she learns that her favorite spot is barren. As Natasha and Harvey´s loving bond evolves and strengthens, she learns the importance and value of having loving friends during hardship. She then participates in an illegal protest in the forest. After enduring two grueling court battles and putting an end to the environmental atrocities, Natasha and her friends realize it’s time to hone in on their life and set an example of conscious holistic healthy green living and stepping lightly upon the earth. Her friend Annie learns that she cannot continue to fight for her crusades and make a difference in the world without a loving partner to share her life with and enjoy a supportive loving relationship. ?????????????????❤️????

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