Our world is in peril.  Since the days of the 90s’s children’s cartoon, Captain  Planet, Mother Earth is toxic and being polluted a million times worse than she was in the 70’s, when Earth Day was started.  Everyday is Earth Day and now more than ever, we ALL need to protect her and take environmental conservation very seriously and the 70’s expression, Think Globally, Act Locally, is far more important than ever!  The earth’s lungs are on fire, evidenced by the recent Amazon fires we all heard about. Whales are beaching themselves and are dying because they are being poisoned from eating plastic. The oceans are being polluted. The air is being polluted. 


The good news is that there are things we can ALL do to take action and help Mother Earth.  You may say, “I’m just one person.” Yes, but you can share this message with everyone you know, beginning with your children, and tell them to share the message with everyone they know and so on and so on.   As we have been told many times, it’s best to start at a young age when it comes to learning anything, especially protecting the planet.  I wrote this book because I care deeply about Mother Earth and now as a Mamabear, I feel the urgent need to protect Mother Earth and ensure a healthy blue green planet for future generations, including my son, and I know all Mamabears want this.   

(All Images Courtesy of Pixabay, including the illustrations inside the book.)

I wrote this book to make sure this message gets across on all levels, young and old.  Today, you can take a step closer by purchasing this book, reading it, and sharing it with your little ones.  We must all act now before it’s too late and the earth will not be able to sustain any more species!  Don’t wait until Earth Day to take action and Love your Mother Earth!  Please read the summary about Amy and Her Fairy Friends.

Reviews from friends and readers fans:

“Dear Dayna, I finished your fairy book.  It is very sweet. I find it very sweet and fun, full of good advice and I love all the magical moments. I love you! It’s good for the children and full of beauty.” Melantha Tatum ?

“WoW ?… I have read your Magical fairy story now!!! ?Well worth the wait… I was taken to this Magical land & was immersed in the Magic, connection with nature & the message to humanity…. you truly are a gifted writer& if you ever publish it in paperback , I would love it!!! I have to be honest … I much prefer a book to hold… ? The artwork was a beautiful pleasure too… thank you so much for sharing your exquisite gifts with me& I loved the gentleness, sensitivities to Nature & profound message the book emanates…
Much Love.” Hilary Farnill 


Amy is a caring loving nature lover and animal lover. The magical fairies are touched by her kindness and invite her to join their tribe to help humanity become more compassionate to Mother Earth. Her mission is to work with the fairies to be creative living examples of how to step lightly on Mother Earth by making healthy eating choices and herbal, organic, green, healthy lifestyle choices.  


An adorable colorful picture book with a great fairy-human friendship hook, Amy and Her Fairy Friends is sure to inspire you and captivate your imagination, as you explore the magical realms of nature.

Excerpt from my children’s magical, fantasy, fairy, story, “Amy and Her Fairy Friends”

by ©Dayna Colvin

The bright golden sun created magical prisms that warmed the forest with ray beams of light. Amy and Jenny were best friends and loved sharing their love of nature together. They enjoyed the natural beauty in silence and enjoyed watching all the beautiful critters playing in the trees and flowers. The girls sat still on a mossy rock. They enjoyed the beautiful forest sounds in silence and enjoyed deep breaths of fresh clean air. Now, Amy shared a silent gaze with a fairy floating in front of her and time seemed to stand still and everything around her faded away. Now, the fairy gracefully flew around in circles and stopped to look at both of them.

Readers of all ages will?this beautiful story. 

For every 10 copies of my book purchased, Amy and Her Fairy Friends, I’m going to donate $10 to help the rainforests, the environment. Mother Earth’s lungs need our kind help!  Mother Earth‘s lungs need our kind help!  Order here -> https://payhip.com/b/hukW   You can easily download it right then and there when you  order it and easily read it on your computer and/or device.


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