My husband and I are very sensitive to toxic artificial scented products.  We got sick and tired of our painful exposure and he came up with the title of my book, which we both think is very appropriate. The title is exactly as it sounds.

The daily hygiene and beauty routine men and women have requires a lot of energy and time; so, the time used should be valuable, enjoyable, and healthy.

My book, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity, teaches men and women from all walks of life how to enjoy organic beauty completely free of harsh toxic petrochemicals.  Men and women use scented products.  The difference is that women call it perfume and men call it cologne.  The fragrance industry spends billions of advertising dollars to make you believe that hygiene and beauty products are different for men and women.

If you buy all your personal care products, detergent, and household cleaning products from a mainstream pharmacy or supermarket, you need to read this book.

The good news is that there are healthy, nontoxic, organic alternatives that will benefit everyone.  My book will show you how to identify the toxic poisons in your hygiene and beauty products and replace them with healthy organic products that will benefit you.  It will also benefit those close to you who may be sensitive and adversely affected.


The best way to enjoy self-care beauty and cleanliness and stay healthy is to be an avid label reader, vote with your wallet, and shop only in stores that care about you, the animals, and the planet.  Nothing is more important than breathing clean air, right?  Right!

Some of the many benefits you will enjoy while reading this book:

. You can download the ebook right now immediately after you order it.

. You will save money and protect your health.

. You will empower yourself and learn how to become a smart healthy product label reader and organic consumer.

. You will understand and appreciate the benefits of enjoying healthy, organic, green herbal self-care.

. You will learn how to distinguish the difference between synthetic toxic ingredients and safe healthy herbal ingredients.

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