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Amanda Kaidei is about to graduate from Northbrook University, but her plans are thwarted when she receives a mysterious note from a long-distance stranger in Hawaii requesting that she return to her Native Indigenous Hawaiian home and return to her sacred roots. The note has no return address and Amanda must make a decision that could change her life forever.  On her journey back to her Hawaiian roots, memories of her beloved family come rushing back to her and she realizes that it’s time to honor her sacred heritage and return to the grassroots earth steward life she grew up with and enjoyed as a child.  

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Natasha Enders learns the power of honesty, courage, and truth. After another illegal camping trip in the woods with her dearest friends, Harvey Moore and Annie Tera, Natasha learns about the nightmare of excessive logging. After speaking with Leaf Mills, a fellow activist and environmental companion, she learns that her favorite spot is barren. As Natasha and Harvey´s loving bond evolves and strengthens, she learns the importance and value of having loving friends during hardship. She then participates in an illegal protest in the forest. After enduring two grueling court battles and putting an end to the environmental atrocities, Natasha and her friends realize it’s time to hone in on their life and set an example of conscious living and stepping lightly upon the earth. Her friend Annie learns that she cannot continue to fight for her crusades and make a difference in the world without a loving partner to share her life with and enjoy a supportive loving relationship. ?????????????????❤️????

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This is a compilation of beautiful poetry I’ve written over the years inspired by my profound love, respect, gratitude, and appreciation for Mother Nature and all her abundant healing gifts of peace, love, kindness, and grace she provides for us everyday. ?????????????????❤️????

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