Healthy Living Tips To Enjoy Summer

A few tips to help you enjoy the hot summer and stay well and feel well for your holistic herbal wellness self-care self-love. ?????

1. Stay hydrated and drink clean healthy water with 3 drops of pure organic lemon essential oil to keep it fresh and refreshing. You can also add a drop of pure organic peppermint essential oil for a nice cooling feeling.  You can order these pure organic essential oils from my website.  ?????☘️?To learn how to green your life and self-care and replace all the toxic harmful synthetic chemical products with natural, organic, herbal products that nurture and nourish you and are Earth friendly, you can order my holistic, organic, herbal beauty ebook guide here.

2. Easy does it.  Be extra gentle caring loving kind graceful with yourself with everything you do, especially outdoors.  Wear an organic pure natural herbal nontoxic chemical-free sunscreen to protect your skin and self-care.  3. Get wet as often as you can. Swim, splash your face, enjoy the rain.?☘️????????

4. Rub 3 drops of pure organic peppermint essential oil on the soles of your feet.?????

5. Wear a comfortable hat to protect you from the hot sun.

6. Alternate between A/C and a fan. I know it’s hard to resist the cool A/C but too much is unhealthy because it’s synthetic and a lot of powerful EMFs.  Open the windows and enjoy some fresh cool air.  But if you live in an area and setting environment where it’s unfortunate that it’s not an option, especially if there are toxic poisonous  synthetic chemicals and synthetic chemical fragrances in the air or the air isn’t fresh and clean and healthy, then, please take care of yourself and enjoy the cool A/C and stay cool.????☘️???????

Your self-care self-love is very important and top priority. 

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Much Love, Dayna, the Holistic Herbalist Organic Fairy Nature Spirit Wellness Advocate Warrior #holistic #herbalist #crunchymama #holisticmama #wellnessmama #hippiemama #wellnessadvocate #wellnesswarrior #staycool #staywell #healthysummer #healthyliving #naturalliving #greenliving #greenlivingtips #naturalmama #naturallivingtips 


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4 thoughts on “Healthy Living Tips To Enjoy Summer”

  1. I never heard about the peppermint oil on the feet before. Will have to try it.

    1. permadeva says:

      Yes it’s wonderful and very cooling! Thank you Barb!

  2. Love all the refreshing tips you shared here! Thank you.

    1. permadeva says:

      Wonderful, thank you, Zeenat!

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