Whole Earth Mama green living,holistic herbal self-care,Mother Nature,organic beauty We Need To Return Back To Nature ?????☘️??❤️????

We Need To Return Back To Nature ?????☘️??❤️????

In these stressful chaotic crazy times, we all need to slow down, breathe more, be kind to ourselves with gentle grace self-love self-care, and unplug and take hibernate off-grid holiday breaks a lot more often.  It’s about going back to nature and reconnecting with Mother Nature and remembering who we are as human beings.  I personally am not fond of power outages, especially when I’m in the middle of a creative process and writing something important, but I always see it as a blessing in disguise.  When my computer crashes, I feel upset, but then I hear my Inner Voice Intuition, say and whisper to me with loving grace, “dear child, you haven’t taken a break from your computer in hours, you need to turn off the monitor, leave the room, stretch, with gentle breaths, and recharge your battery, and better yet, go outside and enjoy nature in silence and just be.  I do exactly this and it’s always a gift of love and joy.   I love playing and relaxing in nature.  It’s truly my favorite self-care and always will be.   Nothing compares to sitting on the grass, enjoying the warm sunshine on my face, fresh clean air breezes, feeling the grass under my bare feet, and listening to the beautiful graceful birds and bees flying through the sky and singing their beautiful songs.


In the 21st Century, we all have needs, and the power grid and computers and internet access are important for our productivity, creativity, and daily life and survival, but it’s even more important that we not lose sight of taking good self-care of ourselves.  When I sit at my computer, after a few hours of writing and posting and connecting and networking, I start to feel pain in various parts of my body and I look at my body and realize I’ve stopped paying attention to my posture and my demeanor.  I’m reminded all the time by my Inner Voice Intuition that I need to slow down and give myself a lot more gentle grace loving attention.  We are human beings, not human doings.  It’s not easy to live in an analog world like was done in the 1800s, but my friends, it’s high time we re-learn how to do this.  It can be done and is very important for our survival and mental health.  My husband and I have been talking about this a lot lately.  This is why I suggest to my friends on fb that we exchange phone numbers for texting and talking because stuff happens and we all need to be prepared.    It’s time to return to source and strengthen deepen our relationship with Mother Nature.  Unlike electronics and the power grid, she will always be there and we can always turn to her for love, healing, wisdom.  I do this everyday.   Let me know if you need any helpful gentle grace suggestions.  I’m happy to help.

Much Love Gratitude Blessings,


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