Visionary Holistic Herbal Green Writing Is My Life’s Work

I’m a visionary, holistic, herbalist green writer storyteller in fiction and nonfiction. I’ve been a creative truth writer since childhood. When I learned about how Mother Earth has been polluted, I had to take immediate action and I started expressing my feelings via my writing to vent. After writing about the importance of recycling and protecting our clean air, it became my life’s purpose my life’s work to spread the word and educate people every opportunity I have. Today, I do this everyday online and in the real world, though more online because I’m painfully disabled with chemical fragrance sensitivity and asthma and I’m an herbalist. I don’t consume or take anything synthetic.

Writing is my gift to the world and I express myself best when via the written word. I talk well and I’m very articulate, but understandably so, it’s very difficult for me to talk when I feel emotional. I’m a very sensitive empath and I cannot sit idly by feeling Mother Earth’s pain, especially as an EarthMama, my nickname. This is what inspired my recent children’s book, “Amy and Her Fairy Friends” and my 2 romantic environmental adventure novels, “Hawaiian Eyes, The Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature,” and “Northern Woods, The Ancient Forests Are Alive.” I must squeak, squeak, squeak. Earth Day was founded on this very principle and I live this principle and I walk my talk with peace, love, truth. I will be publishing this as a new blogpost on my WholeEarthMama Blog. ♂️?????????☘️????????????✨??????❤️?????

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