These Are Five Things I Love About Me

These are 5 things I love about me.
1. I love animals and nature.  Animals are my best friends.  I love all animals with all my heart.  Animals and Mother Nature are my wise, loving, teachers, mentors, healers.  They have been my wise, loving, teachers, mentors, healers all my life since age 10 and always will be.
2. I’m very intuitive and sensitive.  My Inner Voice is always 100% correct and protects me.
3. I’m 100% holistic, herbal, organic, green, and vegan.
4. I love my family and God and I take the 1st step in Faith daily with gratitude.
5. I’m a very creative writer artist and very grateful. ❤️ ??You can read all my blogposts to see how much I love Mother Nature and animals. Here are 2 pictures showing my love for them. Peace Love


Me happily picking wild organic blackberries and enjoying the warm healing sunshine in our yard.

My 2 adorable sweetheart cats fur babies fur Angels, my best friends healers, Marble and his sisfur, Cali.


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