The Women In My Stories Are Earth Steward Superheroes

One of the things I love most about Amy, the little girl nature lover, earth steward, superhero in my children’s storybook, Amy and Her Fairy Friends, is her dedication to helping children and adults make healthy choices that keep them healthy and help keep Mother Earth healthy.  The same goes for Amanda and Natasha, the heroes in my upcoming environmental adventure romance novels, Northern Woods, The Ancient Forests Are Alive and Hawaiian Eyes, The Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature.  Both women are kind, gentle, and loving, but also big environmental badasses, the green organic version of Wonder Woman.  All three of these special females are living examples of how easy and important it is to make healthy green living lifestyle choices and be kind and loving to Mother Earth.  All it really takes is a slight shift in your perspective and your priorities. 

These lovely ladies dedicate their lives everyday to stepping gently on Mother Earth and are kind, loving, and caring to all the animals.  Amanda, Natasha, and Amy are fictitious heroic characters in three beautiful novel stories, but they are inspired by many children and women who live this way everyday of their lives.  When you read these magical adventurous stories, you will feel and experience their passion, dedication, courage, strength, and most important, their love. There is nothing more beautiful than human beings who dedicate their daily life to showing kindness and love for all walks of life, including the beautiful blue green planet that sustains us everyday with healthy clean water, air, food, and soil.  In Indian Sanskrit, the word, Ahimsa, is the word for kindness.  It’s high time we follow the example of these females and become living examples of peace, love, kindness to all walks of life.  Don’t you think? ❤️?????????????????☘️?????????????⭐️?????

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