The Inspiration For My Children’s Book, “Amy and Her Fairy Friends”

Writing Amy and Her Fairy Friends has been a wonderful journey. Of all my creative writing projects, writing this beautiful magical story was the most enjoyable and inspiring.  I’m the biggest nature lover I know and in the Pacific NW, specifically NW Oregon, where my family lives, we are surrounded by magical, wild sacred, green pine trees, and wild nature.  When I sit on the grass, soak up the warm healing sunshine, hug the tree, and watch the butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and ladybugs and crickets playing, nothing else matters to me in that magical sacred moment.

It was during one of these beautiful silent solitude moments connecting with Mother Nature that I felt inspired to write Amy and Her Fairy Friends.  I’ve been a nature lover since age 10 and an avid environmentalist conservationist since age 13, which is when I began to learn and understand how Mother Earth has been polluted.  Throughout my adult life, I learned about the heinous atrocities being committed against Mother Earth and it broke my heart.  I want to make it very clear here.  I’m not a hippie.  I’m a disabled, responsible, hard-working Mama caring for my special needs little boy and I have been happily married to my best friend for 30 years.  I am a tree hugger and I’m very proud and grateful for being able to connect with Mother Nature the way I do.  I hug trees because I’m very grateful they are here for beauty, oxygen, healing, and helping me feel grounded.

I care for, love, and respect Mother Earth with all my heart and Soul and I’m very grateful for her abundant kind protection and love.  As a dedicated earth steward, I feel it’s my responsibility as a human being walking along the earth to be kind, peaceful, and loving to her and make wise intelligent decisions and choices that contribute to the solution of keeping her green and healthy.  This is where Amy and Her Fairy Friends entered the picture and why I felt inspired to write it.  For many years, I kept my fascination with and love for the magical realms to myself.  I was a “closet” mystical magic lover because I was afraid of being ridiculed and I’m very shy and sensitive so I felt the need to only share my passions with Kindred Spirits who get me and understand me.  Recently, I decided to be more open and share my love for fairies and the  magical realms because they are Mother Earth’s only hope for protection and conservation and children are our only hope for the future.  Many adults love to listen to children share stories and their passions, dreams, secrets, ideas, and they can appreciate the pure innocence of children.  I read Doreen Virtue’s Healing With The Fairies and I fell in love with the story and the history behind it and I realized that writing about magical loving interaction with fairies in a children’s book is the key to raising awareness about the importance of protecting Mother Earth with love peace kindness.

I’m happy to share this beautiful story with you and I’m happy to see many people falling in love with the story and sharing it with their friends.  The more happy readers who fall in love with this magical story, the better.  It’s a very timely important message.  Please see my other blogposts and the sticky image of my children’s book on the top right-hand side of my blog to learn how you too can order and enjoy this magical story and thank you for being loving, kind, and peaceful. ????????????

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