Pure Organic Essential Oils Are Healing and Beneficial

Pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils have been around for more than 5,000 years and are mentioned in the bible and have been used for centuries as natural healing plant medicine.   Essential oils are a very special important part of my holistic healing self-care.  I’ve been using them for 30 years as healing aromatherapy to feel good and stay well. I’m very grateful for the wonderful healing benefits I experience when I use them.  Essential oils are the liquids distilled from flowers, tree bark, shrubs, and plant leaves.  They have been used for centuries as healing aromatherapy to treat many physical and mental health needs.    Peppermint, lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and orange are some of the more popular plants used to distill essential oils for healing aromatherapy.  Every part of the plant is used to distill essential oils and the healing benefits are wonderful.  When plants are unscathed  and remain in their pure, natural, organic raw form, the potency and healing benefits of the essential oils distilled from them will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone using them.  I’ve been a holistic herbalist for 30 years and I enjoy using pure, natural, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils to feel more relaxed, to keep the indoor air clean in my home, and to feel wonderful overall.

My favorite essential oils are peppermint, orange, patchouli, sandalwood, lemon, and frankincense.  I pour a few drops of the essential oil onto the palms of my hands and rub them together or I distill them in a diffuser and allow the wonderful pure organic aroma to fill the air.  I love the way the aromas transform the energy of the room and create positive healing energy that is inspiring and uplifts my mood.  My favorite holistic healing self-care approach is to pour several drops of sandalwood and orange into my soothing hot bath and allow the healing aromas to soothe my senses and help me forget about all my stressful woes.  I highly recommend DoTerra for their high quality pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils.  Click on and visit this link to see the wonderful essential oils they offer and treat yourself to some wonderful healing aromatherapy for your holistic self-love self-care.  I’m happy to help you order.    Let me know how I can help serve your holistic self-care needs.   ❤️??????????????????☀️

Much Love, Gratitude, Blessings,


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