Pure Organic Essential Oil Cleaning Hack

I’ve been a dedicated holistic green living herbalist for 30 years. I blog about it and I share holistic herbal green living hacks on my instagram feed and in my soon to be launched 30-day holistic herbal green living self-care detox ecourse program. I teach my clients how to go 100% herbal green and and toxicfree with zero 0 toxic chemicals. I’m a natural green living influencer, mentor, blogger, and Mama. It’s my life and it has been my life for 30 years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pure natural organic raw fresh herbs and essential oils and I love learning about their amazing magical healing benefits. I’m very grateful for their healing power in my life.

Here’s a great essential oil hack.   I use baking soda, white distilled vinegar, and pure organic lemon and orange essential oils.  I pour 1/2 C of baking soda and vinegar in the sink and all hard surfaces and in the toilet and I wait for the combination to fizz, which creates an awesome sound, and I pour 4 drops of lemon oil and orange oil and I let it sit for 5 minutes and then I clean and wipe it down efficiently.  Wow, the aroma is amazing and fills the air with crisp clean vinegar and citrus and cleans instantly with ease and no fuss.  Yes, I sound like a commercial lol but it’s true and I LOVE it!  This combination hack is so easy and simple and affordable.  My favorite part of natural green living cleaning is the simplicity and ease of it and the wonderful invigorating aroma that fills the air.  It makes cleaning pleasant without all the terrible stinky toxic chemicals to ruin it.  Natural green living is awesome and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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