Playing In Mother Nature Nurtures and Nourishes My Inner Child

I’ve been a nature lover and lover of all things magical and mystical since I was a young girl at age 10.  I’ve always been fascinated with Mother Nature.  I’d sit on the grass, silently watching all the activity of all the beautiful little critters playing in the grass, playing in flowers and trees, and flying through the sky.  It was all that mattered to me and I still feel the same way and I still love to watch nature and have fun watching all the beautiful little critters playing.  Amy, the heroine in my children’s book, Amy and Her Fairy Friends, is a very special little girl who is very much like my inner child and the little girl I was at age 10.  I felt inspired to create her beautiful character in my children’s storybook because she is the little child inside of me and she expresses her peaceful, kind, loving, caring truth the way I do. You can read about and order my children’s book here. ->  If I could be a child for as long as I wanted, it would make me very happy, but alas, I’m an adult.  I always nurture and nourish my inner little child.   I think it’s wonderful that many adults experience the same self-love self-care joy from their heart chakra and Soul Spirit that I do. 

My favorite gift of being a child that is dear to my heart chakra is the gift to feel and sense the world around them by tuning in with their senses in complete silence.  Being able to enjoy a beautiful tree, a flower, and vibrant emerald blades of grass and the adorable beautiful little critters that play in these natural wild wonders with simply their gifts of hearing, smell, touch, and feeling and sensing is pure true magic, a gift of love.  This is exactly how I feel when I am outside connecting deeply with Mother Nature.  I could easily enjoy these magical, sacred, sweet moments for hours, days, and weeks and it would nourish my Spirit Soul and heart chakra with profound joy, helping me to feel grounded and centered, peaceful and calm.  Another reason why I wrote, Amy and Her Fairy Friends, and I will continue writing more beautiful, sacred, magical children’s storybooks in this genre, is because it’s wonderful, healing, nurturing, nourishment for my Soul Spirit and heart chakra.   I feel very grateful for the wonderful journey of writing and  painting these beautiful stories of peaceful loving wisdom truth through the eyes of children who adore, appreciate, and respect Mother Nature. 

The gift of being able to touch the hearts and souls of readers who fall in love with the children’s stories I write and inspiring them to develop a close loving bond connection with Mother Nature and make healthier greener lifestyle choices is a beautiful gift that I honor and cherish with gratitude and joy.  This is my true life’s work and purpose and I’m very grateful. ❤️?????????????????☘️?????????????⭐️?????

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