New Excerpt From My “Amy and Her Fairy Friends,” Children’s Book ??????

Excerpt #4 from my children’s magical, fantasy, fairy, storybook, Amy and Her Fairy Friends
by Dayna Colvin © Copyright October 2018 All Rights Reserved (Fairy Forest Image Courtesy of Pixabay)
… and stay tuned for more… #amwritingfantasy #childrensbook

Jenny reached out her arm with gentle grace to touch the fairy and when Amy saw her arm, she jumped, startled.  Both girls giggled.

      “Oops, forgot you were here,” Amy whispered to Jenny.

      “Awww it’s ok, I love watching you both.  Wow this is so cool and amazing.  You’re silently talking with a beautiful fairy,” Jenny whispered back.   

        Amy’s Mother calling her on her phone, startled her, and interrupted their special magical moment with the shrill ring. 

      “Amy honey, are you ok?  Where are you?”  Her Mother asked her with worry.

      “Hi Mommy, I’m fine.  Jenny is here with me and we are enjoying all of nature’s beauty.  I’ll tell you about it later,” she whispered to her Mother.  Her Mother wondered what was so mysterious that her daughter wouldn’t tell her, but she left it alone and knew her daughter would tell her when she was ready.

        Now, the fairy gracefully flew around in circles and stopped to look at both of them.  They looked at each other and figured out that their fairy friend wanted them to follow her lead.  The girls held hands and looked at each other with wondrous curiosity and were excited to see what their fairy friend wanted to show them.  They silently walked through the forest; enjoying all the magical colorful beauty and ducked a bit as beautiful little birds flew around them and overhead, singing beautiful songs.  Green, red, blue, and gold dragonflies and butterflies danced around them. Green, blue, and purple hummingbirds flew around them with such speed; they looked like bees or fireflies. 

       The girls laughed and clapped their hands, loving every moment and then in an instant, the fairy stopped in mid-air and pointed in every direction.  The girls looked all around them as the forest filled with hundreds of tiny gold dots dancing and playing and the girls heard them whispering and giggling. ??♂️????

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