Nature Poem I Love You Mother Nature

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“I Love You Mother Nature”

By ©️Dayna Colvin 

I love you ?☀️Mother Nature, ?your healing love nourishes ??

My heart and Soul pure oxygen consciousness 

You live in me and I live in you as 1 in unity

Our consciousness is woven together in graceful harmony 

  I’m grateful blessed for your beautiful magical healing ✨????‍♀️?‍♀️

Your strong ancient trees tower over me and protect me and help me feel safe?

Oh to be a beautiful graceful bird soaring gracefully through the sky and around the trees?

Colorful butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies of indigo, violet, fuchsia, emerald are magical and soothe and heal my Soul ???⭐️?✨⚡️

Oh to be a fairy ?‍♀️and rest in Vibrant flowers ?????of rainbows ? and emerald green grass ????☘️

Fresh clean air ?and rain ??clean refreshing pure consciousness ?⭐️?✨⚡️

Dolphins and whales dancing and playing in the ocean like children ??

I cherish and savor my sweet sacred moments of silent solitude meditating in nature enjoying yoga and tai chi ?✌️listening to magical nature sounds 


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