Nature Poem : Beautiful Autumn Day

??Mother Nature ??truly heals me in every way everyday and I’m very grateful for her abundant healing love. I wrote this special poem to express my gratitude appreciation love for her.???

©️Copyright Dayna Colvin June 2018 All Rights Reserved
?Beautiful Autumn Day
I smell the beautiful Autumn leaves ??and I feel the crisp cool clean Autumn air ?and I forget about all the woes in my life and the world as I close my eyes and tune into the ✨magical sounds of Mother ??Nature’s orchestral symphony of beautiful birds ??singing into the air and rainbow flower ?blossoms blooming into the air, filling the air with their pure sweet aroma of grace, spice, magic, ☘️?and I listen to the crisp vibrant leaves gently blowing in the wind and the squirrels ?scurrying up and down the trees ?and around and around on the ground. I breathe in gently deeply as I smell the crisp clean Autumn air and gently gracefully walk along the moist soft emerald grass ???☘️?and feel my bare naked feet soaking up the sweet healing invigorating dew drops ??from the recent morning rain. I love feeling the healing warmth on my face from the brilliant sun ☀️shining its magical ?bright rays across the beautiful earth. I open my eyes to see and hear beautiful wild stellar ??blue jays chirping sweetly as they fly gracefully through the sky from tree ?to tree and I hear beautiful magical ?‍♀️hummingbirds ?gently buzzing as they soar from tree to tree doing amazing graceful acrobatic loop-de-loops and dancing through the magnificent sunny blue sky. Beautiful magical graceful dragonflies ?‍♀️and butterflies ??of brilliant blue, purple, green, and gold dance and play through the sky. ❤️???????????‍♀️???☘️???????☀️???✨????????????????????????????????⭐️?✨⚡️?????? @nature_gypsies #septembergypsies #naturepoem #naturepoetry #naturepoet #naturewriter #naturewriting #naturelover #nature #mothernature #inspiringpoetry #natureisbeautiful #naturesbeauty #naturesmagic #natureheals #mothernatureheals #mothernaturesmagic

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