My New Children’s Book, Amy and Her Fairy Friends

I’m very excited and grateful to announce that my magical, fairy, fantasy, nature lover children’s book, Amy and Her Fairy Friends, is now available for purchase and I need all the kind support I can receive now to promote it and I need all the orders I can get now.Β  It’s a fairy fantasy story and it teaches children how to be kind to Mother Earth and how to teach their parents to be kind to Mother Earth.Β 


Amy is a caring loving nature lover and animal lover.Β  The magical fairies are touched by her kindness and invite her to join their tribe to help humanity become more compassionate to Mother Earth.Β  Her mission is to work with the fairies to be creative living examples of how to step lightly on Mother Earth by making healthy healthy eating choices and herbal, organic, green healthy lifestyle choices.

An adorable colorful picture book with a great fairy-human friendship hook, Amy and Her Fairy Friends is sure to inspire you and captivate your imagination as you explore the magical realms of nature.

You will SO fall in love with Amy and Her Fairy Friends!Β  I wrote this special important story to raise awareness about the important work Magical fairies do and how they help Mother Earth and I wrote it to educate children and to help children teach their parents and teachers and all adults the importance of being kind and loving caring to Mother Earth. The moment you start reading the 1st beautiful scene when Amy steps outside of her family’s home into their beautiful front yard garden, you will feel captivated and get happily lost in a magical world of peace, love, fairies, pixie dust, and wonder.

This beautiful story is wonderful for all ages and if you are like me, you’ll love and have lots of fun reading this and you’ll forget that you’re an adult for a while and nurture your inner child. This story is filled with beautiful colorful dragonflies, butterflies, lots of adorable beautiful wildlife and will make you fall in love with Mother Earth more than you already have!Β  I lovingly encourage everyone to read this and share this beautiful timely magical inspiring story with everyone who loves fairies, nature, and appreciates the need to help children educate humanity and help each other protect Mother Earth with peace loving kindness. It’s good Karma and the Fairies will love you for it with tremendous loving gratitude. Read Amy and Her Fairy Friends today.Β  You won’t be able to put it down and you’ll be captivated until the last page where you will enjoy a beautiful magical celebration.


I need the sales money, but it also contains a very important message about preserving the planet with conservation and this book needs to be read by millions.

Please take a look, order the ebook to be downloaded onto your laptop and/or mobile device and read this beautiful, magical, loving story and share with everyone you know who enjoys this genre and can benefit from reading it.Β  I want to self-publish it into print paperback/hardback, but I need the ebook sales 1st so I can do that.Β  Thank you for your kind support.Β  I appreciate it very much.Β  I will donate $1 from every sale to help Rainforest Action Network preserve the Amazon burning on fire.Β Β I’m also doing an end of summer sale with a 10% discount.

Click this link to read about it and order. ->

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