My Love and Gratitude For Mother Nature

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I love holistic, herbal, organic green, vegan medicine, beauty, and therapy.  It’s very simple.  Plant medicine and green herbal beauty and wellness provide  me with everything I need to feel good and well and stay well.    Mother Nature provides me with everything I need to look and feel beautiful.  Mother Nature truly heals me in every way everyday and I’m very grateful for her abundant healing beauty love grace.  She’s all I need.  She’s all we need.  Mother Nature is amazing, wonderful, magical, healing, beautiful.  ☘️????????????☀️??????❄️??⭐️?✨????????????

I recently wrote this poem for express my love and gratitude for Mother Nature’s abundant healing love grace beauty.  I will be publishing it in a new revised version of my “Mystical Nature Poetry and Art” ebook this Spring.   Enjoy read it!  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and how much you love and appreciate Mother Nature.


???Mother Nature Is A Brilliant Magical Healing Artist???

By ©️Dayna Colvin 

Nature’s magical healing beauty is blooming everywhere 

Flower Petals of vibrant indigo, violet, emerald green, and fuchsia 

Are blowing in the sweet cool warm breezes and soaking up the sweet cool warm rain 

I look across the meadow and my heart and Soul feel nourished by the magical tapestry of the healing beauty 

I’m walking across the soft warm moist meadow in my bare feet 

I’m feeling soothed and grounded by Mother Earth’s healing energy 

Beautiful ancient growth trees cover and protect the land for miles

I hear a chorus of songbirds, hummingbirds, finches, and crows

Filling the peaceful silence with Squawking, chirping, whistling, buzzing about 

The beautiful sunset is casting golden crimson violet sparkles 

And a foggy mist covers the world as the dark dusk sky settles in for the night 

A new revised edition of my “Mystical Nature Poetry and Art ” ebook will be self-published in Spring 2022. Stay tuned for an update and sign up to receive updates and excerpts from my holistic herbal wellness nature writing. Subscribe here at this link. 

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