My Gratitude for Mother Nature

My husband, our son, and I are very grateful to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and the little green haven sanctuary outside our front door.  Thankfully, afternoons like today are a blessing and we were able to enjoy some lovely clean fresh air and warm sunshine for a while.   I want to express my profound gratitude for Mother Nature’s sacred, magical, healing beauty.  Today, my husband, our special needs son, and I enjoyed being outside and our timing was just right because the bushes and trees were teeming with life.  Adorable beautiful little birds flew from tree to tree and bush to bush and beautiful adorable hummingbirds buzzed and danced flew through the sky in a magical playful dance.  We all smiled, laughed, and my husband and I felt like happy playful children. Our son had a wonderful time and for those precious magical moments, we enjoyed the magic and didn’t think about our life woes.  We savored the sacred sounds of nature and felt profound gratitude for Mother Nature’s magic. 


We are very grateful we live far away from the metropolis city.  My husband and I were born and raised in the city and the older we got, it no longer appealed to us or suited our needs.  At night, we enjoy the clear moonlit starry sky and we love how all the green and wildlife look at night and all the magical sacred nature sounds are just precious.  I highly recommend that you pause every chance you get and unplug from your electronic gadgets and forget about the madness of the world, things that don’t bring you joy.  Even 20 minutes enjoying connecting and playing in nature and recharging your battery is a precious self-love self-care gift for your Soul and is very cleansing and healing.   Whatever your favorite nature healing activity is that you enjoy and love, it’s all wonderful and magical and healing Soul nourishment.


Much Love Gratitude Blessings,


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