My Family’s Recent Painful Loss and My Writing

Hello, my name is Dayna and I’m a holistic, herbalist, organic green writer blogger author.   This is the first time I’ve written and published a blogpost to my blog here since the Oregon fires burned down my family’s home and everything in September this year.  It’s been a very painful traumatic sad tragic time for us and the stinging grief and traumatic stress is overwhelming.  Thank God, the Red Cross put us up in a hotel and we have a safe roof over our heads, but we are having a very hard time.    I lost everything from my whole life, including everything from my childhood.   If I elaborate here, I’ll start crying again.   Everything reminds me and I feel very sad that I haven’t felt inspired or creative to write anything other than musings and thoughts about the wonderful health benefits of enjoying holistic, herbal, green, organic self-care, including herbal, organic, green beauty and I hope and pray I will feel better soon and I will feel like writing.   Please be kind and donate to our gofundme relief fund and spread the word.   We appreciate all the kind donations we receive now.    You can click on the link here and you can click on it in my list of links on the top right hand side on the blog here. ->


I wrote a beautiful adorable sweet children’s story book for nature lovers and magical fairy lovers, 2 beautiful romantic environmental adventure novels, beautiful mystical nature poetry, an organic green beauty guide, and a cookbook filled with delicious, healthy, organic, plant-based, herbal recipes.   I’m actively promoting all my writing, but at the moment, my primary focus is on my children’s book, “Amy and Her Fairy Friends.”   It’s available as an ebook that can be downloaded to your computer and mobile device and I’m figuring out how I can self-publish it in print-on-demand in paperback; a bit difficult, but I’m striving to work on it.   I will keep my readers posted.   I am posting about it here to my Whole Earth Mama Blog now this afternoon.    Please visit and check out my blog and enjoy reading all my writing and please reach out and connect and stay in touch.     You can read about and order any and all my ebooks by clicking these links.

Peace Love Gratitude, Dayna ??????✨?☀️??????☘️?

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