Mother Nature Is My Loving Graceful Healer

I’ve always had a keen interest in holistic herbal self-care since age 10 and my interest grew stronger when I became an adult.  I love nature and I’m fascinated with Mother Nature’s abundant healing plant medicine cabinet.  She always amazes me with her wonderful healing herbs and pure organic therapeutic-grade essential oils and plant and flower essences.   Everyday, I enjoy silent solitude while sunbathing and soaking up Vitamin D and meditating and enjoying Tai Chi and Yoga next to my favorite tall healing emerald green tree.   Mother Nature always heals me and I’m very grateful she is always here for me.   Watching birds gracefully flying through the sky and singing and butterflies dancing through the air is very soothing and healing to my Soul and I love watching and listening to all of nature’s magical, beautiful, sweet, healing sounds. 

I love walking barefoot and feeling the cool moist grass on my skin and I love feeling cool fresh breezes dancing through my hair and cooling my skin.  What is your favorite part of enjoying and playing in Mother Nature’s abundant, magical, natural beauty?   How often do you enjoy unplugging and enjoying lovely, gentle, healing, nature play breaks and nourishing nurturing your Soul Spirit?  These pictures I’m including beautifully show how much I love and cherish and enjoy playing in nature and how grateful I am for all her gifts of healing love.    Would you love to learn more about holistic medicine and self-care?  Click on this link and download this wonderful free ebook with extensive information about everything you want  to know about alternative medicine and wellness. Go play and have fun enjoy and enjoy a lovely day!  ??????✨?????✌️????????????????❄️??????????

Much Love Blessings Gratitude,


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2 thoughts on “Mother Nature Is My Loving Graceful Healer”

  1. I felt as if I were there with you, feeling the breeze and enjoying the smells of the garden. I, too, love Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet and although I can no longer garden as I used to, I still maintain some herbs in pots on my window sill and table top tiny garden.

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