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Mother Nature Is My Creative Muse

Mother Nature is truly my favorite healing inspiration for all my creativity.  I enjoy hours of profound deep connections and play in the great outdoors.  I love tuning in to all the magical beautiful sounds, aromas, and sights Mother Nature shares with me.  I feel very grounded and profound joy when I connect with Mother Nature and the better I feel connecting with her, the more inspired I feel to write, create, paint, draw, and express from my heart chakra and Soul Spirit.  Listening to beautiful bird songs, blowing wind, rain, crickets, and owls heals my Soul Spirit and has helped me write many beautiful mystical nature poems and stories. When I watch squirrels playing and beautiful flowers, trees, and plants receiving nourishment from rain, fresh air, and healthy earthy soil, I touch my heart chakra and I feel profound loving gratitude. 

When I watch butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds dance and play in the sky, I laugh and feel so much joy and I feel so much gratitude like a little child and I love taking it all in.  In addition to self-publishing a few visionary, mystical, nature lover stories I wrote, I will be self-publishing my collection of beautiful, magical, mystical poetry I wrote very soon.  It’s a beautiful healing circle.  Connecting with Mother Nature nourishes and nurtures my body, mind, Spirit Soul and inspires me to write magical, inspiring, healing beauty.  I also feel inspired and called to educate my readers about the importance of environmental conservation and keeping a very small carbon footprint of kindness, care, love.  Mystical, holistic, herbal, green writing is my true life’s work and calling and I’m very grateful for this wonderful gift. ????????????

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  1. Nature is my muse too Dayna! I love how just a step outside or a walk in the woods can inspire me for days. Nature soothes my soul and re-balances my energies when life is in a whirl. Beautiful post my friend <3

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