Mother Nature Heals Me and I’m Very Grateful

Mother Nature heals me.  I’m very grateful for the abundant, healing, plant medicine benefits of healing, medicinal, herbs, plants, flowers? flower essences.  I’m very grateful I can capture the beautiful, wild, magical essence of these wonderful healing herbs.  Green chives and lemon balm, at least I think it’s lemon balm, it has a wonderful lovely aroma of lemon, and leeks.  I’ve been a holistic, herbalist, wellness warrior wellness advocate for 30 years and I have personal life experience with herbs for self-care self-love and I share my sage grassroots wisdom with my readers and clients via my writing ebooks blogposts.   I will be sharing lots of wonderful wisdom in my soon-to-be released surprise digital product that my husband and I are producing together as a team – 30 years of combined wonderful wisdom.  Stay tuned for an update on that soon!  When we put our full trust and Faith in Mother Nature to heal every area of our life, our wellness self-care, our health, wonderful magical things happen.  I’m a very grateful nature lover, green living, organic nature girl Whole Earth Mama.❤️?????✨✌️???????☘️???????❄️??????????

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1 thought on “Mother Nature Heals Me and I’m Very Grateful”

  1. I agree that there are so many natural healing agents. I tore out my small front yard, and planted an herb garden. There I let dandilions, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint, roses, elderberries, sunflowers, and Oregon grapes grow. I am interested in seeing more of what you write about the subject.

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