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I’m very grateful to see that the Organic Scent-Free Clothing Exchange fb group membership is growing everyday. I receive at least 3 requests a week; today, I received 4, wow!  This is how very important and much needed it is to replace all toxic commercial detergent products with organic green herbal soaps.  If you are asthmatic, allergic, and chemically fragrance sensitive and want to be able to buy/sell/trade secondhand used clothing that was never washed in anything toxic synthetic commercial and only washed in organic herbal, please join the community.  I created this group because my family can no longer shop for used clothing at thrift stores.  The indoor is highly toxic and the last time I tried to shop there, some misinformed person sprayed a bottle of febcrap fatal breeze into the air that the store sells and I nearly passed out.  I was crying and thank God, I was able to pull myself up and run for the front door to breathe fresh outdoor air.  The era of using toxic commercial poisonous detergent containing overpowering synthetic petrochemical fragrance and neurotoxins has gotten real old and we all must vote with our wallets and go green and herbal!


I’ve been using baking soda and white distilled vinegar to wash my family’s clothing for 30 years and I do it every week with great positive results.  I also use BioKleen Citrus Essence laundry soap booster for a very soiled load.  Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to live sustainably and be healthy and well nontoxic and organic herbal.  Check out my Organic Scent-Free Clothing Exchange group on fb and send me a request to join.  If you are 100% organic herbal green, I’m happy to add you.  Please share and tell a friend who can appreciate the group and wants to join the community.  Thank you. Organic Green Chemical-Free Scent-Free Clothing Exchange

Much Love Blessings Gratitude,


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