Join My Holistic Sensitive Herbalist Vegetarian Mystic Writing Tribe






I’d love to hear from my herbalist, holistic, green living writers sisters, preferably vegetarian or on your way there . I created an fb group and with enough genuine interest in connecting as a tribe and supporting each other’s creative writing journey with love and kindness and peace, let me know and I’ll make it active.  I write about all things herbal, green, organic, holistic, and vegetarian, and I’d love to connect with Kindred Spirit writers of fiction and nonfiction and share our poignant stories and journeys, good and bad, and support and inspire each other. You can take a look at my blogposts on my WholeEarthMama Blog here to get a good feel of my writing voice and if you resonate with love and you’d love to connect and share and support each other, please join my fb group. I”d love to hear from you, much love gratitude blessings.  Click on this link to join. -> ???????????????☘️???????❤️???

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