I’m Grateful To Be A Holistic Crunchy Mama and A Mompreneur

omg I miss the days when I could go to the beach and the park and only have to worry about secondhand cigarette smoke which was bad enough. I’m painfully asthmatic and chemically fragrance sensitive, but today it’s that and toxic commercial detergent off-gassing from one’s clothing…*sigh* I’m so freaking fed up with all of it. I wish to God the masses would stop using commercial detergent, but then again, that would mean they stop watching brainwashing commercials. I SO want to live in a sane world where everything makes sense. I can really use a huge dose of hope.

I’d love it and appreciate my friends reading and sharing my blogpost I wrote about doing an organic green detergent challenge.   It would mean a lot to me for all of my friends to support me and take an interest in the holistic organic products I use and market and make a purchase to help your health and your family’s health.   It will be a huge boost if you will help spread the word about holistic, organic green healthy living and my family can really use the income.

I will earn a % every time you order pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils, my ebooks, and other holistic organic products I’m selling as an affiliate.  Check out all my WholeEarthMama Blogposts to learn more.  Subscribe and download this beautiful ebook for free and learn everything you want to know about holistic alternative medicine and wellness.   You will bring joy to my and if you have any questions, let me know…happy to help serve your needs.  Click on the links below to check out and read about the various items I mentioned and tell a friend and thank you!   God Bless you!   ?????✌️??????????????☘️??????????…/

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