I’m A WholeEarthMama With Gratitude ???


I have been a holistic green Mama for 8 years and I’ve been totally herbal green for 20 years before I became a Mama.  Everything I do in my home is organic and green and herbal, including the beautiful, earth-friendly detergent method I use, which is homemade and diy do-it-yourself.   I’m happy and grateful to share this wisdom with everyone who wants to be green for their health and Mother Earth – YES!  Going organic, green, plant-based, herbal is the most important healthy decision I’ve ever made!  I’m humbly proud of this decision because I’m a grateful humble passionate Earth Steward and I shout it from the rooftops every opportunity I have!  I treat my body like a temple with tender loving care and self-respect self-love self-care.  My nickname says it all.  I’m a WholeEarthMama from head to toe. 


Mother Nature is my hero and my healer in every way.  The herbs I consume for my self-care, the organic store-bought and homemade herbal soaps I use for my personal hygiene and cleaning my home are all magical healing gifts from Mother Earth.   I make and use all of them with kindness and love, knowing that I’m being kind to myself, my family, and the planet, Mother Earth.  How can I not?  Knowing what I know about being plant-based herbal and knowing that I’m nontoxic and healthy organic green is priceless sage wisdom that our great grandparents used everyday.  It’s about going back to nature and simplifying your life.   It’s so simple and easy.  Ask me how to do it.  The secret is so simple and so easy, you will want to follow and use these principles today now!   ??????????????????????☘️????????✨???⛈☀️?❄️???

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