I Love Nature and Nature Heals Me

Sinking my bare feet into the cool and warm sand and swimming in the ocean and walking on the moist cool grass are my favorite nature healing wellness activities. It feels so very wonderful, centering, grounding, healing. I don’t like wearing shoes or socks or clothes and the more I can embrace and nurture my real raw nude me, the happier and healthier I am and feel. I’m very grateful for the sacred moments when no one is nearby and I can Honor my natural raw feminine rhythms and selfcare selflove.

I’m a wild free spirit feminine hippie and I love to be myself and enjoy my authentic raw real me. I love to nurture my inner child and she always wants play and feel free and natural.  Subscribe to my Simple Holistic Natural Wellness Hacks and Nature Stories Newsletter to receive lots more nature lover and holistic natural wellness hacks and goodies. ->

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