I Love Maharishi Ayurveda Holistic Herbal Selfcare Products

Let Maharishi Ayurveda healing herbal self-care wellness products support your self-care wellness through the Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday Season and soothe you and help you feel wonderful and stay  well.

Maharishi Ayurveda Vata pure organic aromatherapy essential oil blend has been my favorite for 30 yrs & still is! OMG it is THE BEST essential oil blend.  I always keep a bottle in my purse & in my night table drawer.  Vata Dosha pure organic essential oil aromatherapy blend contains orange, basil, geranium, fennel, marjoram & smells great is very healing, comforting, calming, soothing, relaxing. 

I highly recommend it to everyone, especially very sensitive Vata Doshas who feel very stressed & depressed & need to self-soothe self-nurture.  I also recommend Ashwagandha organic herb for the same healing benefits. It soothes the nerves and nervous system and creates and supports gentle healing balance. I brew a cup of hot tea with it and I sip it everyday.  Vata herbal tea is wonderful and delicious with healing herbs of licorice, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon. Wonderful for healing digestion and calming soothing.  Raja’s Cup is wonderfully naturally herbal caffeine-free and contains  Clearing-nut tree (seed), Coffee senna (seed), Licorice (root), Ashwagandha (root).  

Maharishi Ayurveda products also sells wonderful healing herbal skincare and aromatherapy and wonderful healing herbal goodies to support your holistic herbal organic wellness self-care nourishing nurturing self-love.  Thank God for Mother Nature’s abundant healing love plant medicine therapy wellness. I’m very grateful.  You can order Vata Aromatherapy Blend from the Maharishi Ayurveda Products, Inc. website at my affiliate link here.   Enjoy these wonderful holistic herbal healing organic wellness self-care products.  Thank you for supporting my small holistic herbal organic wellness affiliate business.  Much Love Blessings Gratitude ???????☘️??????????✌️??????☀️#grateful #crunchymama #holisticmama #herbalist #god #godsgrace #godslove #wellnessmama #maharishiayurveda #vatadosha #holisticselfcare #holisticwellness #greenliving #naturalliving #essentialoils #plantmedicine #naturelover #grace #selflove #selfcare #aromatherapy #herbaltea #vatadosha #vatadoshabalancing #ayurveda #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurvedahealing #ayurvedamedicine #ayurvedarecipes #ayurvedatips #vatahealing

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