I Love Being A Holistic Herbalist Crunchy Yoga Mama

I love everything about nature Mother Nature and I love enjoying yoga and Tai Chi and silent solitude next to this beautiful, vibrant, emerald green, healing, strong tree and all the beautiful, healing, vibrant, emerald green and colorful flowers.  Mother Nature truly heals me.  I’m a very grateful crunchy WholeEarthMama Mama.  I’m a very grateful yogi, yogini, nature lover, nature girl.   The holistic living mystic life is magical, healing, and wonderful.  Don’t you just love connecting with and playing in nature.   Mother Nature is very wise and her abundant healing colorful beauty takes care of all of us.  Let’s show her our gratitude by taking care of her and nurturing her the same way we nurture ourselves with love and kindness and grace.  Would you love to learn more about holistic medicine and self-care?  Click on this link and download this wonderful free ebook with extensive information about everything you want  to know about alternative medicine and wellness. -> <- ?❤️??????✌️??????????☘️???????????✨??❄️

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1 thought on “I Love Being A Holistic Herbalist Crunchy Yoga Mama”

  1. I came to know and love Mother Nature and alternative healing some years ago and still do what I can. I agree that if we don’t take care of Mother, there won’t be anyone to take care of us. I’ve also found that we can learn a lot about life in general by paying attention to the lessons she gives us every day in the natural world. I write about it in my other blog: Flower Bear’s Garden-Growing A Life. Here’s the link:

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