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Everyday I make a strong effort to take extra good care of myself.  My holistic, healing, self-care routine is extra important to me as a Mother of a very active special needs little boy .  My holistic, healing, self-care has always been important to me, but seeing now that Motherhood is a full-time job and a lot of work, it is of the utmost importance to me to stay well and feel good.    When I feel good, I can breathe easier, relax, and smile.  Makeup is nice to accentuate natural beauty, but I’m very happy to enjoy my inner beauty and the sweet natural beauty that Mother Nature provides.  This is why I make sure to stay well hydrated, rested, nourished, and enjoy as much healing laughter and calming relaxation as I can.  I’ve been a meditator for 20 years and it has literally saved my life in many ways.  I’m a passionate believer in being caffeine-free for many reasons and the most important reason is I do not believe in any stimulants.  When I feel tired, I get extra rest or I take a nice soothing hot soak in the bathtub.  I also enjoy soothing healing organic essential oils, like sandalwood and sweet orange, to help me feel rejuvenated and relaxed.  It’s true what is said that a healthy Mama is a happy Mama.

All children need their parents to be healthy, happy, comfortable, and well and it’s our personal responsibility to make sure we stay well.    I always make sure to be silent and still and listen to my Inner Voice, my Intuition, that guides and protect me 24/7, and I always listen quietly during my meditation.  I’m also a holistic herbalist and I am a firm believer in treating my body like a temple.  I thankfully attribute my vibrant youthfulness to a very healthy sane lifestyle and I’m very thankful for the wise choices I make everyday, including not putting anything synthetic and toxic in or on my body.  My beautiful adorable son depends on me for love and care and he needs his Mama to be healthy and happy.  I also need to be a healthy example to follow so that when he’s older, he will see his Mama as a healthy, strong, happy woman and he will understand the invaluable importance of holistic, healing, self-care.  True natural beauty comes from within and the more childlike and light and loving I am and feel with my child, the better I feel and the more I enjoy being alive. 

If you’d like to learn how to enjoy herbal green living self-care, including pure organic therapeutic-grade essential oils for aromatherapy, you can book a private 1-on-1 coaching session with me for an hour for $100 and learn and glean from all my Divine Feminine Wisdom. When you book a private 1-on-1 coaching session with me, you will receive my homemade herbal self-care recipe collection as a Bonus Gift – $30 Value.  You can also book a FREE 15 minute session to get a good idea as to what you will learn and then, providing you see it’s all wonderful and you resonate and feel aligned with what I teach, you can book a paid session and we can meet and talk on zoom.  I love teaching people from all walks of life how to feel wonderful and stay well, using Mother Nature’s abundant, beautiful, healing plant wellness modalities.   I’m also happy to introduce you to DoTerra and help you order your favorite pure organic therapeutic-grade essential oils.  You can check out my website here.  doterra.com/US/en/site/daynacolvin  You can schedule a session here at this link. calendly.com/wholeearthmama

Much Love Blessings Gratitude,

Dayna xo ❤️???????????????????????

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