Go PlantBased Vegan For MeatlessMonday and More

Peace Love Kindness begin on the dinner plate. My husband and I are very grateful we have enjoyed an organic, healthy eating, clean eating, plant-based vegan nutritional approach for 30 years and we enjoy eating this way everyday with gratitude.  This delicious pizza bagel is just 1 of 100+ vegan recipes we have enjoyed making and eating and the food is 100% Karma-free with ahimsa, peace, love, kindness.  It’s very simple.  We all have a choice to make everyday.  We can either eat food that is of a dense low vibration or we can eat food that grows in the ground, is nurtured and nourished by Mother Earth Mother Nature and is of a light high vibration and no living being suffered to make this meal.  This is the wonderful beauty of eating healthy plants.  We made the conscious decision to eat plant-based for the planet, the animals, humanity, and our holistic self-care self-love. 

All life living beings are sacred and deserve to be happy, healthy, safe, comfortable, and free.  This MeatlessMonday, sink your teeth into a juicy vegan delicious pizza bagel and give your❤️ a loving break with TLC.  Your body/mind/Soul will thank you and love you for it.  To learn more about healthy, clean, plant-based vegan eating and how easy and simple it is to enjoy this lifestyle, click on this link to read our story and order our cookbook ebook-only $11.00 and you will receive my magical, healing, herbs herbal soup recipe as a FREE Bonus. You can download it to your device and computer the moment you order. ?✌️??☘️???????????????❤️?????

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