Excerpt From My Novel, Northern Woods, The Ancient Forests Are Alive

Young adult readers and adult readers who are nature lovers and care deeply about Mother Earth Mother Nature will fall in love with this beautiful story.  Enjoy reading this Excerpt from my romantic ❤️environmental adventure women’s novel, 

“Northern Woods, The Ancient Forests Are Alive.”  Copyright June 2018 Dayna Colvin All Rights Reserved 


       At ground level, the roots extended in all directions, forming knots and webs intertwined. The base was more than three feet in width, and it stood so tall, sea gulls from the coast circled around it. Scatters of branches and twigs lay intertwined in a pile that formed an intricate web. The base of the tree wound around and turned into gentle emerald moving leaves swaying in the early morning breezes. As her eyes traced each branch and stem, leaves upon leaves became and endless web of green and maroon, stretching in every direction, touching the endless sky with grace. It was as if this tree had many arms extending in different directions forming a green halo of love. 

      The intricate artistry of this guardian was tempting her to climb. Her eyes roaming this beauty, she could see little birds flittering and hopping from stem to stem, enjoying the sun and cool breezes. A few stellar blue jays squawked in and before long, this gorgeous web of green heaven was an orchestra of majesty. 

      She touched the base to feel its strength and let a few tears fall as she became one with its consciousness. She even noticed the magnificence and intricacy of the lines in each leaf, alive with life.

The morning sun had just risen over the horizon 20 minutes ago. Natasha began waking as the warmth of the sunrise caressed her silken cheek. This was one of many times Natasha had slept by her favorite tree after watching the birds fly around and chirp together all afternoon. Spring was her favorite time of year, and she took full advantage of any opportunity to enjoy and watch the birds dance. 

       Natasha Lee Enders stood at 5’6”, wore a slender curvaceous build, had an angelic soft sweet face with ocean blue eyes and fiery satin ringlets that fell just below her shoulder blades. Her angelic blue eyes shone with sparkles and exuded gentleness when she spoke.

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