Excerpt From My Amy and Her Fairy Friends Book

Excerpt #3 from my children’s magical, fantasy, fairy, storybook, Amy and Her Fairy Friends
by Dayna Colvin © Copyright October 2018 All Rights Reserved (Fairy Forest Image Courtesy of Pixabay)
… and stay tuned for more… #amwritingfantasy #childrensbook

The bright golden sun created magical prisms that warmed the forest with ray beams of light. Amy and Jenny were best friends and loved sharing their love of nature together. They enjoyed the natural beauty in silence and enjoyed watching all the beautiful critters playing in the trees and flowers. The girls sat still on a mossy rock. They enjoyed the beautiful forest sounds in silence and enjoyed deep breaths of fresh clean air. Now, Amy shared a silent gaze with a fairy floating in front of her and time seemed to stand still and everything around her faded away. Now, the fairy gracefully flew around in circles and stopped to look at both of them. ??♂️????

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