Enjoy Playing in Mother Nature

When was the last time you enjoyed Mother Nature’s great outdoors?  How often do you enjoy playing with all her wild sacred beauty?  She is a magical healing being and gives us an abundance of healing gifts to keep us happy and healthy.  Every time I step outside my front door, I’m in grateful awe of her magical wonder.  ????????????

Did you hug a beautiful emerald tree today?

Did you enjoy some silent solitude and meditate and do Tai Chi in the warm sunshine?

Did you enjoy relaxing silent solitude while watching her beautiful butterflies, birds, hummingbirds, and dragonflies and did you enjoy all of her magical sweet sounds?


When I enjoy Mother Nature’s abundant, magical, healing gifts of beauty, I do all these things and more.  Every time I play in Mother Nature, I enjoy new magical experiences.  I stop being an adult for the moment and enjoy playing like a little child.  Mother Nature truly heals me and she is truly the best healer.  The next time you enjoy an unplugged day of play with Mother Nature, enjoy the silence and really tune into her magical healing for all of your senses.  There is nothing like it and you’ll cherish it as the best loving self-care gift you have ever given yourself.


5 thoughts on “Enjoy Playing in Mother Nature”

  1. I love being in nature and find it to be one of the most self-nurturing activities I can engage in. I often hug trees, take in the beauty of the clouds, pause to embrace the awe and wonder of sunrises and sunsets ,and appreciate open spaces whenever I can. I agree that nature is filled with magic and healing and so appreciate your wisdom in this blog! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Nature is the most wondrous experience – Mother Nature renews us in ways nothing else can. I live across the street from the ocean with wonderful hiking a few streets away. Like you, I feel blessed to play in nature to nurture my body, mind and spirit. Gratitude!

  3. When was the last time I enjoyed Mother Nature’s great outdoors? Two minutes ago. How often do I enjoy her wild sacred beauty? Every moment I can! I feel blessed to be able to spend as much time as I do in nature.

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