Delicious Healthy Plant Based Fast Food

It’s quite a challenge to help people to move away fast food aka fast death.  My husband and I have been rethinking our cookbook lately and we realize that one of the first goals and intentions is to help people find healthy fast food appealing and affordable and that’s what our cookbook helps people do.   We haven’t eaten at a restaurant in 20+ years.  We are very grateful we can enjoy natural folk medicine herbal remedies and healthy organic plant foods and we are on a tight budget and we manage just fine and this is what our cookbook is focused on.  It’s so very sad that fast food is still so popular but it’s been engrained in the western world culture, especially the USA, for many decades.  Thankfully, more people are woke and waking up and are red pilled.  I really miss the 70s and 80s.  Life was much simpler then. 

I often wonder how my life would have been if I’d had a healthy positive influence in my life who would have helped me go organic herbal plant based in my teens.   I wish that had happened but I’m very grateful I learned in my 20s while I still had a chance and today I’m grateful to still enjoy this healthy holistic self-care lifestyle.   You can read about and order our delicious healthy cookbook, Fine Tune Your Fork, Over 100 Quick, Easy, Delicious, Healthy, Plant-Based Recipes, For Less Than The Cost Of A Night Out!, here by clicking this link. ->


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