Clean Green Living Tips

Instead of cleaning your wonderful loving family’s home with products that contain toxic gross harmful synthetic chemicals and fragrances that will make you all very sick, replace those nasty ugly toxics with pure organic orange essential oil, baking soda, and vinegar.  You will feel much better and healthier and safer and you’re saving $$$ with preventative holistic herbal organic wellness. 

This is an easy simple recipe and method I use to clean my home with excellent wonderful positive results. 

Mix 1 measured teaspoon of baking soda and vinegar and 4 drops of orange essential oil to any surface that needs to be cleaned. After the mixture fizzes and sits for a few minutes, wipe it down and clean it up. This mixture is true pure magic and I highly recommend it.  You will love the wonderful results. 

You will find many more wonderful, helpful, money-saving, preventative, holistic, herbal, green living health tips in my ecourse I will be launching very soon!  Stay tuned for that! 

But in the meantime, you can order my holistic, organic, herbal, clean green beauty ebook guide to help you simplify your life with nontoxic toxic-free living.  It’s only $20 and when you order it, you will receive my Sacred Holistic Organic Herbal Selfcare Wellness Recipes Collection as a FREE Bonus – $20 Retail Value.  You can order it here at this link and instantly download it to your device and computer. 

Enjoy reading and learning and feeling inspired!  Message DM me with any questions you have. ❤️???????????????☀️??????❄️??⭐️?✨⚡️???????????????????????????????‍♀️?‍♀️?✌️??????☘️????????????#holisticselfcare #herbalist #crunchymama #holistichealth #plantmedicine #plantmedicinewoman #holisticcoach #wellnessmama #wellnessadvocate #cleanmama #cleangreenbeauty #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #greenliving #greenlivingtips #naturalliving #naturalminded #naturalmindedmama #nontoxicliving #mompreneur #toxicfreeliving #holisticentrepreneur #toxicfreecleaning #simpleliving #simplelife #healthyliving #essentialoils #oilymama #herbsforhealth #herbalremedies

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