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Hi my friends! Do you know I have a creative writing Patreon?  It’s a crowdfunding platform where I am showcasing my creative writing work and I am inviting you, the reader, who loves and enjoys reading my stories, to join my exclusive membership club and subscribe every month as a paid patron with your pledge.  I have several tiers you can pledge to.  You can pledge any amount.


When you pledge $10 monthly, you will receive a 10% discount coupon code that you can use to purchase my merch and my ebooks.  You will also receive a thank you note via email.

When you pledge $15 or $20 monthly, you’ll receive a 20% discount coupon code that you can use to purchase merchandise and buy my ebooks+you’ll receive an email note of gratitude appreciation and I will send you a recipe from my delicious healthy vegan cookbook ebook or a chapter excerpt from 1 of my romantic environmental adventure women’s novels or a mystical nature poem from my ebook poetry collection or a holistic organic herbal clean green beauty tip from my organic herbal green beauty ebook.

When you pledge the highest tier, $50 monthly, you’ll receive my entire writing collection and a 20% discount coupon code that you can use to purchase my goodies in my shop for life and a shoutout with love gratitude.

Your kind generous support pledges will help me stay creative and productive and will help me pay the bills and enjoy much needed holistic herbal self-care self-love.  

Check out my Patreon-pledge your support today! 

You’ll really make my day! Message DM me with any questions you have. I’m happy to chat with you.  Thank you for your kind generosity. Peace Love Gratitude Blessings ?✌️?????❤️??????????????????????????‍♀️?‍♀️??????☘️?????????????????⭐️?✨⚡️?☀️???❄️???????????????#patreonwriter #patreoncreator #creativewriter #indiewriter #naturewriter #naturepoet #mysticalpoet #environmentalwriter #greenlivingwriter #greenlivingtips #naturallivingblogger #greenlivingblogger #holisticblogger #greenbeautyblogger #cleanbeautyblogger #veganfoodie #veganblogger #fantasywriter #childrensbookauthor 

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