DoTerra OnGuard and Lemon Essential Oils Are Wonderful To Clean The Air

These 2 pure organic therapeutic-grade DoTerra essential oils – OnGuard and Lemon – are wonderful healing aromatherapy and for someone like me who is fed up with being poisoned by toxic synthetic fragrance containing horrible neurotoxins, these 2 healing rockstars help protect me and my immune system and help me feel better after a horrible toxic exposure.  I pour 4 drops of each into the palm of my hand and rub my hands together and treat anything that was contaminated and wave my hands and diffuse it through the air to fill the air and clean the air with the wonderful pungent organic plant essences. 

OnGuard contains orange, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, a wonderful healing blend and I have a couple bottles of both.  I’m very grateful to have these to help me feel better for my holistic self-love self-care wellness and I love them.  I also put 1 drop in my drinking water to help me feel better.  Let me know if you need help ordering them and I am happy to serve your needs. Message me and let me know if you need help. You can also order them from my website at this link. I’m a very grateful crunchy Mama wellness advocate, wellness warrior, wellness Mama self-care coach, wellness coach Mompreneur.   I’m also grateful for  organic green living, holistic living, plant medicine, herbal healing, herbal medicine, herbal remedies, and natural remedies. I am an oil obsessed, nature lover, nature girl WholeEarthMama. 💙💚💜🍊🍋☘️🌿🌱🍀🙏✌️🌲🌈💦😍✨❄️💧🌊

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